Fertilisation & Nutrients

Critical Guidelines: #

Do not fertilize newly transplanted trees too soon. Fertilizer should only be applied about one year after transplanting. The applications must be very light and broadcast evenly, but not against the stems of the trees. Irrigate after applying fertilizer.
Phosphate (P) All the phosphate is applied immediately after harvesting or with flower development.
Potassium(K) Half of the potassium fertiliser is applied just before flowering and the remainder after harvesting.
Zinc (ZN) & Boron (B) Zinc must be applied at least four times a year. The following substances and concentrations are recommend per 100 l of water:

  • Zinc oxide at 200g or
  • NZN at 150ml or
  • Agri-Zinc at 50ml

Spray the trees from soon after planting with 100g borax or 75g Solubor/100l water every two years.

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