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30 October 2019
Halls Training Centre
Litchi Research Symposium
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6 November 2019
Ingwenyama Conference
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White River
Subtrop Journal
Volume 25 now
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Articles to look for:
– Lychee production in the Philipines
– Active ingredients notified for review
– Litchi Orchard Management
– Honey Bee Forage

Honey bee forage (nutrition)
in Limpopo & Mpumalanga

Several studies have over time shown that numerous ecological relationships that shape the genetic variation in the plant communities as well as floral diversity, including the production of seeds, nuts, berries and fruits, are highly dependent on insect pollination. In the last decade or so, honey bees are alluded to be the major, if not the most important pollinator among pollinating insects. What has changed to earn honey bees this high level of importance, if not the “upper hand”?

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