SALGA Industry Census 2022

Total litchi plantings in South Africa amount to 1339 ha. SALGA Members in Mozambique account for a further 109 ha.

Provincial and regional distribution of litchi plantings
Mpumalanga Province represents 64% of the SA industry (853 ha). Onderberg, Mpumalanga, is the largest production region in South Africa with 59% (785 ha) of total plantings. Limpopo Province contains 31% (415 ha) of SA plantings of which 23% (309 ha) are situated in Letaba. KwaZulu-Natal Province makes up 5% of the industry (71 ha).

Litchi cultivars
‘Mauritius’ is the most planted litchi cultivar in South Africa (819 ha). ‘McLeans Red’ is the second most planted cultivar in South Africa (56 ha). Nearly all ‘McLean’s Red’ litchis are situated in the Letaba region in Limpopo province.

Litchi Plantings 2021 vs 2022
In the 2021 census, total plantings in South Africa stood at 1393 ha which is 54 ha less than in 2022. Some orchards were removed in Mpumalanga and Limpopo for the land to be planted to other crops. While some orchards were removed in Mpumalanga, there were new plantings in KwaZulu-Natal, and plantings in Venda (Limpopo) and Bushbuck Ridge (Mpumalanga) were recorded for the first time in 2022.