SALGA Industry Census 2019/20

Total area planted to litchis is 1 549 ha. A further 54 ha is accounted for in Mozambique by SALGA members.

Provincial and regional distribution of litchi plantings
The plantings per province, and per production region are reported. Mpumalanga represents 67% of the SA industry (1034 ha). Onderberg (Mpumalanga) is the largest production region in SA with 59% (907 ha) of total plantings. Limpopo contains 28% (441 ha) of SA plantings of which 23% (363 ha) are situated in Letaba. KwaZulu-Natal makes up 5% of the industry (73 ha).

Litchi cultivars
“Mauritius” is most the most planted litchi variety in SA (43% of census hectares). The “Mauritius” cultivar represents 75% of the SA plantings where cultivar-information was reported (excluding plantings of “unknown” varieties) (fig. 3). “McLeans Red” is the second most planted litchi variety in SA. There are no “McLeans Red” plantings in Mpumalanga. Nearly all (72 ha) “McLeans Red” litchis are situated in the Letaba Region, Limpopo.