Procedures to report pests

THE DEPARTMENT OF Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) appeals to every citizen and visitor to help protect South Africa’s plant
and plant resources against phytosanitary pests. The following procedures are to be followed when a new pest or
regulated pest of plants has been detected:

Any user or owner of land including any individual, municipal authorities, traditional authorities, community members, farmers, fruit and vegetable industries, universities and other affected role players in the Republic must notify DAFF of any suspected occurrence or detection
of a new pest or regulated pest(s) in their area.

The above will trigger the required regulatory actions and DAFF shall launch an investigation to determine whether the detected pest is a
regulated pest or not.
If the pest in question is not a regulated pest, the land user or owner shall be notified.

If the detected pest is regulated in terms of the Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 (Act No.36 of 1983), the area concerned shall be declared a quarantine area. The DAFF shall initiate awareness actions in collaboration with the land owners or users and other role players within
the affected area on the appropriate management practices for the regulated pest.

The land user or owner of the affected land shall be served with an official order. The land user or owner of the affected land shall be advised accordingly about the phytosanitary control measures to be complied with as prescribed by the official order served.

The prescribed measures may include specific management practices to control the pest and prohibition of movement of host plants or plant
products in and out of the area concerned.

These measures will assist in protecting South Africa’s plant and plant resources against phytosanitary pests in order to maximise crop yield and to safeguard South Africa’s export markets.


To report occurrence or suspected occurrence of a pest:

Directorate: Plant Health, Division: Early Warning Systems, 
Tel: 012 319 6384,
Email: .

For inspection and removal permit:
Directorate: Inspection Services,
Tel 012 319 8735/8795/8763,
Email: .

For awareness and promotion:
Directorate: Food Import and Export
Standards, Division: Plant Health
Promotion, Tel: 012 319 6295/6475,